Nordic Smart Network

The Nordic Smart Network is a initiative from Smart Cities Norway and Smart Cities klub Slovakia . The goal is to create a network for promoting Smart City ideas and solutions across borders.

What We do

We connect ideas, challenges, solutions across diciplins, silos and borders.

Why We do it

We all have the right to help shape the future

Better Living

If we are going to succeed in developing a society that is smarter, more sustainable and better living in, we must work cross sectors, industries and borders.

Sustainability Goals

The sustainability goals, transition from oil, densification of the cities, the requirement for a transparent and open society are keywords.

Citizens Expectations

The citizens all have a computer in their pocket and expect it to be as easy to use municipal services as shopping online.

Who We are a network of networks

We facilitate the network and cooperation between the networks

Join Your network

Our networks has been working in smart city for years. We share our experiences and support eachother in providing services for our members.

How We provide more value together

Our shared experiences in a toolbox

Nordic Smart Network